Dear Victoria,
Can you tell me if you have any plans to go back to acting? If not what would it take? A great role? Or are you focused on your business affairs?

-Sara Miller
Billings, Montana

Miss Principal,
You are such a southern belle at heart and I am a huge fan. I would love to hear more about your plans to travel to outer space. Where did you get the idea from and the courage to go through with it? when do you plan to go? Are you excited?


-Matt Johnson

Dear Victoria,
I am turning 30 this year and feel that it is time to take care of my skin. What can you recommend someone of my age do? And is it too early to start using your products?

-Samantha Ross
Huntington beach, Ca

Dear Victoria,
I love the fan site, I have learned so much about you. I was hoping you could offer advice to someone who wants to help the Earth as you do but may not have the money to donate in this recession. How else can I help?

-Britnay Mast

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